Rotary Sealer (R900) (RRS 14-3410)

Automatic Rotary Sealer (R900) (RRS 14-3410) is designed and manufactured with beautiful design and high quality for sealing medical packages. the Rotary Sealer works at high speed when it’s needed and stops automatically when the work is done.

Advantages of the RRS Automatic Rotary Sealer

  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Adjustable seal distance
  • Ability to adjust the temperature according to the type of packaging paper
  • Easy registration and entry of information on the LCD screen
  • Save energy by automatically shutting down the engine in standby mode
  • Equipped with USB port for connecting to a printer and printing labels
  • Contains information about center name, Seal date, sterile and expiry date, lot number, sterilized package name and operator code printable, and more

Download Catalog

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